Sidra’s review of Ounass

Recreated my style with Ounass’s home of luxury

You probably thought you are getting what you paid for at a Topshop or Zara. Well, I thought that too when I was in high school and college. I already had my style ingrained by the time I was a young adult, but even with the most expensive outfit, I looked tacky. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

Sidra's story with Ounass dresses

I would idealize one of my professors at college, who always had this effortless old-money look with no flashy logos or brand tags. Somehow this woman was able to carry off a beautiful dress or pantsuit without looking cheap. After many compliments and an honest confession about my insecurity, she let me in on her secret.

She told me about this one virtual store she invests her money into that provides luxury clothing at great prices. The store Ounass has been tried and true companion when it comes to clothing and accessories. She even let me in her Ounass coupon code for good discounts!

Soon enough,I was receiving compliments from everyone and best of all I started to enjoy dressing up for work and college. What I loved about Ounass:

1.  Authentic luxury brands

Having invested in so-called luxury brands for years made me stingy about my money. I stopped buying from any virtual store that claimed that they sold luxurious brands. But when my professor gave me the word for Ounass, I took a leap. I started with some silk scarves from Gucci and a Balenciaga hoody.

From there I moved to more capsule pieces that I know I would be using for work and college. All the items came with original brands packaging, which made me more optimistic to order more.

2.  Pre-loved selection

Apart from their opulent selection of brands, they also have pre-loved items from Valentino, Hermes, Dior, Lanvin, etc. I was especially thrilled about this since I’m just starting to work and can’t afford a lot of debt. The pre-loved pieces were all in excellent condition and my days of thrifting at the local store are gone!

3.  My style without compromise

My style has always been consistent since forever. I love timeless classics that can be worn in any era, something that I can pass down to my children. I love to spend/invest in clothing and jewelry that can be pulled off at any event day or night.

Something Kate Middleton does with her clothes. I don’t mind reusing and repurposing my clothes, and Ounass was kind enough to dedicate an entire section to TIMELESS CLASSICS.That’s a win-win for me!

4.  Sales and Coupons

No matter how well off you are, you can’t deny that you would love a good bargain. Well, I’m one of those people who spend their money keenly and wisely. Therefore, was delighted to notice that Ounass have plenty of Ounass coupon code or voucher codes available. The brand has a seasonal sale which means I can be well-dressed all year long.

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